Energy policy must be at the core of any model for a sustainable society. The sustainability of an energy policy for any community will depend on its ability to meet our needs through time. If we assume that we can no longer afford any further CO2 emissions, any energy solution which emits any bit of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere is not meeting sustainable energy needs. This page explores whether we could sustainably supply our increasing populations with bear minimum energy demands (~22.5 watts of electricity per person daily - a NewVistas target), while meeting all heating, cooling, and other energy needs for the foreseeable future.
Issues and Questions

Planning and provisioning for a more efficient future...

A society cannot do work without energy. The global community's current preferred energy sources are fossil fuels, which can take thousands of years to form, and cause environmental destruction in their extraction and use. Intermittent sources, such as solar and wind, cannot meet twenty-four needs without use of batteries, which may jeopardize the sustainability of the solution. We must find ways to conserve energy while improving the overall renewability of energy portfolios through continuous and environmentally harmonious technological developments.
Fossil Fuels
Alternatives to Fossil Fuels