One of the most effective ways of making housing sustainable is to reduce the size of living space. Smaller size translates to less resource consumption in construction, maintenance, and energy usage. By using space efficiently, however, smaller size can still provide all of the comfort and convenience of modern homes. Per capita private living space has grown dramatically in developed nations over the past 100 years. How much private living space do people really need?
NewVistas Model

Description and Targets

The NewVistas model for housing is based on a small household private living space that is comfortable, optimally resource efficient and meets all of the private needs of the household. Much of the living in a NewVistas community takes place in the larger mansion beyond the private living space. Within NewVistas' flexible work-live units, space transformation technologies allow the same space to be used for many different purposes.


1. 150-200 sq ft of living space per person.

2. Same space usable for many purposes. 

3. Minimization of space idleness in living areas.

4. Same space usable for many different purposes - transformable throughout the day.

5. Effective storage solutions for furniture and other items.

6. Availability of completely individual space.

7. Availability of completely private space.

8. Availability of commercial space in close proximity to living space.

Live-Work Unit Fly-Through Video

Rough fly-through video illustrates principles of transforming space using moveable walls and ceiling storage.

Tranforming Spaces
Stowable Furniture