A sustainable approach to housing requires a re-evaluation of where residences are located, the materials used in their construction, the energy used to power them, and what activities they will accommodate. Many houses in the modern world are large private enclaves located in suburban areas isolated from work, commerce, industry, recreation and other activities. Continuing to develop in this manner will not be sustainable for any significant period of time. 
Issues and Questions

Sustainability Trends Drive Change in the Housing Industry

Article discusses how expected population increases will require a new city of 1.5 million people to be built every week.

EU's CORPUS Project: Issues in Sustainable Housing.

Slideshow explores definitions of environmentally, economically, and socially sustainable housing. Provides metrics on current sustainability levels, methodologies for evaluating sustainability of housing, and some solutions for moving forward.
NewVistas Model

Location, Location, Location

Evey resident of a NewVista village would be a short walk away from hundreds of businesses, and thousands of other residents. Every NewVistas home would be placed within a half mile of centrally located large multipurpose buildings where additional business activities, community governance, religious worship, recreation, and a range of other activites will take place. This all enables an enjoyable lifestyle with a very low impact. See our "Community Layout" page to learn more about how this works.

Residential Buildings

A NewVistas multi-family house is comprised of multiple live-work units, all similarly configured. A live-work unit incorporates highly adaptive prefabricated modules and other standardized components. Three to six people would occupy one unit depending on their preferences, and each would have their own personal space and storage. Moving walls, 14-foot spans from floor to ceiling, innovative storage solutions, and other space transformation technologies allow live-work units to be both functional and comfortable.