The community design requires centrally located community assembly space and common multi-use facilities. The NewVistas multi-purpose building is designed especially for education, religious observance, conferences, and events. It incorporates transforming technologies and may be used for offices, classrooms, community meetings, recreation, entertainment, and other purposes. The third central square provides more.
Key Goals

NewVistas Targets

Targets include: 

1. Provide for the community’s common assembly and public needs for 800 people per building.
2. 50 sq ft of assembly space per person, including space for education and religious worship with 25 sq ft of office space per person.
3. Ability to accommodate meetings of the entire governing body of the NewVistas community corporation.
4. Walls partition in such a way that all villages can be meeting simultaneously.
5. Sufficient multi-use configurations facilitating expected and unforeseen uses
6. Minimization of space idleness.
7. Energy and resource-efficient design.
8. Structurally sound and durable, lasting 400 years and easily upgraded.

What Are We Trying to Solve?

In communities today, there is a separate building for each purpose extending community layout, which necessitates an automobile-centric infrastructure. Energy use therefore drives much of our economy, causing pollution, loss in productivity time, and waste of resources.

We use dozens, sometimes hundreds of special purpose buildings in our society today to meet the needs of a community. Required infrastructure is vast, space is often unused for portions of the day and week. The effects of this problem are immense, ranging from a lack of social cohesion, to justification of massive debt, which can weigh society down under heavy obligations. NewVistas resolves these issues with a centrally located multi-use building.
Twenty-Four Buildings

24 Central Multi-Purpose Buildings

The presence of 24 buildings allow for a range of community, business, religious and other functions. While they are seemingly similar in appeearance, they can be quickly tailored to adapt to a particular range of functions. Certain activities will consistently be carried out in the same building. Others will rotate from building to building.
Transforming Space


Perhaps the most distinctive feature of the NewVistas multi-purpose building is its capacity to transform to repurpose space.
Assembly Hall

Many Types of Assembly

Assembly room floors change from one arrangement to another via automated preset settings in order to accomodate a range of functions.

Break-Out Rooms

Chambers in the multi-purpose building are breakout rooms on the floor just above the assembly halls. They include sliding storage compartments that store tables, beds, chairs, etc. for different room configurations. These rooms make the building useful for business, education, and even hotel accommodations.

Olympic-length Pool

The main feature in the basement of the multi-purpose building is an Olympic length pool that can be divided into different sections. There are also associated rooms and bathroom changing modules. Stairs connects the upper levels to the outer mall between multi-purpose buildings.