A NewVistas is a cluster of fifty similarly-designed communities. The design of each 2.88-square mile community is based on a pattern and community governance guidelines developed in 1833. Several communities together create a well-diversified economy, and when 50 or more are linked, the result is a truly self-sustaining system. All elements of the NewVistas model encourage prosperous and sustainable low-impact living in harmony with the environment.
Purposes and Targets

NewVistas Objectives

The 1833 plat is the one constant of the continually evolving NewVistas Model. Certain goals of the community concept are unlikely to change over time, and these include (1) accommodating 75 to 100k people (2) in 960 buildings and all (3) within a 1.2 square mile area. By having these "constants," finding solutions to certain social and environmental problems becomes easier, while still allowing the culture and economy of each community to flourish in their own unique ways.