The pattern calls for 960 residential units, which may be used in part for commercial use. The current recommendation is to use a single style of home to make an efficient design scalable, but also allow for tailoring to individual tastes and needs. Each should be able to house 15 or more persons on two floors and one or more businesses on the third floor for light industry and commerce. There should be sufficient room for agriculture between the garden space and rooftops. The current recommended three-level design of a NewVistas standard building optimizes floor position, space usage, access to sunlight, passive energy usage, and proximities. Space transformation technologies allow flexible live-work units to provide all of the comfort and functionality of a large home or place of business. The building design enables many different types of activities proximity to one another, which is essential to the goal of sustainability.
Key Goals

NewVistas Targets

The NewVistas standard building seeks to provide a durable and cost-effective building that is resource-efficient and can accommodate housing as well as provide commercial, industrial, and warehouse space. Targets include:
1. Design that is energy and resource-efficient making full use of heat, CO2, and sunlight. 
2. Commercial, warehouse, and industrial space integrated with living space.
3. Ease of remodeling and use of scalable full-cycle materials so that all components are reusable or recyclable. 
4. Functional and safe overall building unit regarding the relation between the three floors and the external operations of the property.
5. Total living space of about 200 sq ft per person.
6. Commercial, warehouse, and industrial space in same structure with living space. 
7.  Building prevents temperatures, noise and smells from intruding upon living spaces. 
8. Forklift accessibility. 
9. Wide doorways for movement of goods and equipment.
10. Rooftop space used productively to harness the sun’s energy.
11. Facilitate optimal light management for plant growth. 
12. Efficiently capture rainwater.
13. Provide some degree of insulation from outside temperatures.
14. Seal and protect the house.
Multi-Family House

200 Sq Ft Per Person

Two floors of a NewVistas standard building comprise a multi-family house. The house provides live-work space for 15-21 people. The living space within the building amounts to about 200 square feet per person.
Commercial-Industrial Level

Light Industry

Any one level of a NewVistas Standard can be a commercial-industrial which provides space for retail, light industrial activity, storage, and other commercial. It has a 14-ft ceiling and is similar to the flexible live-work units in layout.
Green House

Rooftop Gardens

The top level of the NewVistas standard building is a greenhouse used for growing food and regulating energy use.