Here is an evolving series of short-form informational videos covering some of the fundamental aspects and topics of the NewVistas model.
We also invite you to read The NewVistas Book.
Abundance and the Pattern

This video explains how the NewVistas pattern was conceived and how it can enable equitable sharing in the abundance of the Earth for all people.
The World's Largest Mansion

In a NewVistas community all of the finest amenities are available to all. This creates the world's largest mansion owned and shared by the community.
Econosystem: Systematic Economics

The NewVistas model includes an economic system. This system is designed with guidance from our basic principles. We call it an "econosystem."
Welcome to the Neighborhood

This short video describes what the residential buildings are like and how the lifestyle of a walk-able community is a benefit for all.
Central Squares, Community, and Commerce

In our video explaining the central squares, you can see how commerce and community can be combined into a live-work environment with room for all to gather.
Agriculture and Nutrition

The production of food and its nutritional value is a very important aspect of NewVistas communities. The entire community hosts an edible landscape.
Education, Healthcare, and Human Services

Education, human services and healthcare are fully integrated into NewVistas. The great advantages of taking a holistic approach such as this are touched upon in this video.
Achieving Representative Leadership

The NewVistas model for leadership is outlined in this video. It provides a mechanism for all to be heard and represented.
Energy, Water, and Waste

NewVistas handles energy and waste in sustainable, full-cycle fashion. Some details on how this is implemented in NewVistas communities are explained in this video.
The Path to Scalable Sustainability

NewVistas needs to be implemented incrementally. There are many challenges that can only be met by a step-by-step realization.