With interconnected, transforming buildings on a beautiful, productive, fully walkable garden campus, NewVistas allows participants and their dependents to enjoy a lifestyle of sustainable health, prosperity, and social connectedness by living in the world’s largest mansions.
Purposes & Targets

NewVistas Targets

The NewVistas community plat seeks to define a completely walkable community layout that is both sustainable and scalable. Targets include:

<li>Population density: 50,000 - 75,000 people per square mile.</li>
<li>Total population: 75,000 - 100,000 people per community.</li>
<li>Preservation of privacy and open spaces.</li>
<li>Minimize land-use conflicts.</li>
<li>Enable all uses within walking distance of every resident including, home, commerce, industry, agriculture, work, recreation and food production.</li>
<li>A consistent sustainable pattern fostering scalable solutions, while retaining individualism. </li>
<li>Urban area including agriculture and industry limited in geographical scope.</li>
<li>Provide all requisite facilities within the total activity range of each individual.</li>
<li>Cellular design.</li>
Current Problems

What Are We Trying to Solve?

There are many problems with the way cities are laid out today.

1. Development often happens ad hoc or by expedience, based on pressures that could be mitigated through wise forethought. This ad hoc development often causes land-use conflicts of noise, congestion, ugliness, smell, flooding, etc.

2. Density is often too variable and not well integrated with the infrastructure design. This causes competing interests to clash manifesting what is known in the development discipline as invasion succession cycles.

3. Transportation expands cities often referred to as urban sprawl causing poor energy use, waste, pollution, land-use conflicts and making them ecologically unsustainable.

4. Buildings populate the landscape but can sit unused for portions of the day or week. Not only can resources be better utilized but they become obstacles extending travel distances for good prosperous living.

5. Food is transported long-distances further straining the model and deadening the populated zones. There are many downsides to not locally providing food.

6. People’s healthy relationships are not with those who they would naturally see on a consistent basis if zoning and land-use were better designed.

7. One of the chief reasons people want to move away is the level of crime in today’s cities. Planners attempt to use land-use and zoning to organize people in such a way that crime is not an alternative that people will turn to when distressed. The layout can affect the distribution of education, opportunity and support also contribute to crime. Many of today’s cities have made progress in reducing crime.

NewVistas integrates land and resources with the people at an optimal density and does so in a practical functional way.
Siting and Excavation

Virtually Any Location

A NewVistas community can be situated in almost any location on any terrain. Excavation places the main "living area" level of buildings above the flood plain and provides good soil quality, proper drainage, and an unobstructed vista for every resident.
Mixed Use Building Lot

Half-Acre Lots

Standard building lots make up the commercial-residential area of a NewVistas community. There are 960 half-acre lots with gardens and a private patio for every household. All of the lots are the same size.

Village for 960 People

A NewVistas community is divided into 96 villages. A village is comprised of ten building lots, plus transportation easements, hubs, and a village commons. A village houses up to 960 people. It includes space for gardens, greenhouses, industrial production, and both active and passive recreation.

District for about 3,800 People

Four contiguous villages form a district. There are 24 districts in a NewVistas community. About 3,800 people live in a district.
Central Square

Central Square

Three 15-acre blocks in the middle of the NewVistas community comprise a central square. The central square provides a central location for markets, offices, schools, churches, recreation, and community facilities.
Agricultural & Industrial Areas

Part of the Community Layout

Agricultural-industrial areas surround the commercial-residential area. Rather than relegating agriculture and industry to remote locations, NewVistas keeps them close to the people. They are part of what sustains the people and therefore must be included in the urban plan. Three roughly triangular areas to the west, north, and east of the commercial-residential area are reserved for animals, heavy industry, mining, and agriculture.
Large Urban Area


NewVistas communities laid out according to the community plat can be knit together into larger metropolitan areas.  A cluster of 50 communities creates a complete "NewVista," which has a population of 750,000 to 1,000,000.  This is large enough to constitute a city with every needful service and resource in a sophisticated modern economy.  The total area occupied by a NewVistas is 144 square miles.
Workability and Benefits