A foundational principle of the NewVistas model is the establishment of a fully integrated "econosystem" that supports for-profit businesses and full employment of resources. Economic viability is a fundamental imperative. The NewVistas local economy is an "econosystem," because its interrelated and mutually supporting physical, economic, and social structures contribute to the whole system. Just as climate, soils, water, and a variety of interdependent plants and animals combine to form an ecosystem in nature.
Issues and Questions

Economics Are Fundamental

Proposals for new urban designs and new ways of living often ignore basic economics.  It is not possible to achieve sustainable prosperity by pursuing gee-whiz technologies irrespective of costs.  Nor is it possible to achieve that goal by trying to promote a mentality of scarcity.

Prosperity must be built on a vibrant economic system that enables and encourages productivity.  Healthy living patterns must be made consistent with production of goods and services.  All community systems and infrastructure must align with leadership structure and economic incentives to bring about desired results.

A model of a good society puts economics and productivity front and center.