A sustainable society requires sustainable behavior by individuals and families.  One of the great challenges in social policy is to encourage such behavior systematically.  National laws and international treaties directed at multi-national corporations and great industrial establishments will not be enough.  Most people are willing to accept responsibility for their actions and to be good stewards of their communities, resources, and natural surroundings, but they need systems and infrastructures that support sustainable choices. 
NewVistas Model

Description and Targets

NewVistas implements policies and structures that encourage individuals and families to conform their behavior to principles of a sustainable society.  Property is leased to NewVistas participants based on stewardship principles.  All able-bodied and able-minded NewVistas participants are required to work.  Rights within the community are accompanied by correlative responsibilities.

1. Every able-bodied and able-minded person works
2. Participants have secure rights to assets, including the ability to use specific assets to produce income
3. Ultimate control of productive assets stays with the community
4. Returns to capital go to the community
5. Returns to labor go to individuals
6. Encouragement of good ecological stewardship
7. Freedom to enter and exit without forfeiture of property