In most developed countries, different apects of life have been segregated to an extreme.  Special purpose buildings occupy special purpose parcels of land in special purpose zones, with miles of separation between residential areas, agricultural areas, commercial areas, and industrial areas.  The automobile has made this separation possible.  Sometimes, health and safety reasons may justify some degree of separation.  In most instances, however, mixed use development is much healthier and much less harmful ecologically.
NewVistas Model

Description and Targets

The NewVistas model places residential, commercial, agricultural, and light industrial uses within walking distance of each other. Heavy industry and some agriculture are separated from residences by a buffer, but those uses are still within close proximity to the people.


1. All residences for 15,000 - 20,000 people within walking distance of each other
2. All asembly space, as well as commercial and light industrial space, intermixed with residences
3. Food production immediately visible and within easy walking distance of every residence