Many cities are looking for ways to make themselves hospitable to bicycles and walking. Such measures can reduce environmental impacts and enhance quality of life, which are characteristics of sustainable prosperity.
NewVistas Model

Description and Targets

A NewVistas community is completely walkable. Bicycles are a more convenient form of transportation than automobiles in many cases. Limited vehicular transportation is accomplished in an underground podway so as not to interfere with pedestrians above ground.



1. 90% of all destinations within walking distance

2. Help NewVistas residents understand the value of walking and to choose to do it because it is both convenient and right
Other Information

Health, Financial, and Social Benefits of Walkability

Paper (Tyler 2010) discusses how the NewVistas walkable layout facilitates better health, financial savings, increased property values, and increased social participation.

What Your Street Grid Reveals About Your City

The Walkability Effect

Article (Avellone, 2011) argues that density above 7 living units per acre (4480 units per square mile) with a mix of uses is required for sustainability. NewVistas achieves 5760 living units per square mile.

Walkable Community Design and Children's Physical Activity

Paper (Robert B. Stevens and Barbara B Brown 2011) shows that children in a walkable designed community based on LEED-ND were more active overall than children in a traditionally designed community.