NewVistas is an urban model for the 21st century and beyond. It is comprised of infrastructures and systems that will enable people to live prosperously and sustainably. The model is built upon four fundamental principles: (1) high quality of life, (2) robust local econosystem, (3) massive scalability, and (4) low overall impact. These principles and the full NewVistas model are described on the following pages.


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Papers, Charts, and Diagrams:

Summary Description of NewVistas    (PDF version)
Paper describes in some detail all of the main elements of NewVistas. 2011.

NewVistas Overview    (PDF version)
PowerPoint presentation provides an overview of major aspects of the NewVista urban plan, focusing primarily on physical elements. Belliston 2011.

The Case for NewVista Communities    (PDF version)
Paper discusses some of the reasons for building NewVistas. Bryner 2009.

Not After the Manner of the World    (PDF version)
Power Point Presentation providing a visual aid for presenting the roots of the NewVista project and its current status. January 2014.